The Pre-Law Forum is your guide to law school admissions in Canada!

Upcoming Pre-Law Forum Locations and Participants:

Queen's University
Kingston Ontario
March 20, 2007

Osgoode Hall
Law School
Toronto, Ontario
June 9, 2007

University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario
Fall 2007


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As you navigate the treacherous terrain of the law admissions process, you need accurate information. Law school admissions information is in a constant state of change. Only information that comes directly from the law schools is guaranteed to be accurate.

At Pre-Law Forum you will hear from, and be able to ask questions directly to, law school admissions personnel. You will no longer have to rely on the “hearsay” within the pre-law community.

The law school application for law schools in Ontario and the rest of Canada is long and complex. Pre-Law Forum will provide guidance on all components of the law school application. The components include: the autobiographical sketch, letters of reference and recommendation, personal statements, LSAT test scores, the LSAT writing sample, grades and the law school interview (if applicable)."

In addition to learning about admissions policies and procedures, you will learn about a number of joint degree opportunities that you may not have known about. You will leave Pre-Law Forum with reasons why you wish to attend one law school or another and an accurate assessment of your chances of getting in.

Some Pre-Law Forums even give you the opportunity to experience what law school is really like by participating in a simulated law school class taught by a law school professor.

Pre-Law Forum attendees will receive a free LSAT prep guide to get you started (while supplies last).

Best of all Pre-Law Forum is FREE – making it the seminar that you can afford to take, but certainly can’t afford to miss!

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